Elder Massage (Geriatric Massage)

Touch is important for human health and well-being. A specialized form of touch, called elder or geriatric massage, can benefit people in their older years with nurturing compassion of touch.

Most often used as preventative therapy, elder or geriatric massage is a specific set of massage techniques used to meet the specialized needs of senior adults. Elder massage provides a way for an aging individual to receive not only physical stimulation and pain relief, but also psychological and emotional support and stimulation, thus helping relieve anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and depression.

Sessions are always customized to the client's needs. Elder massage is practiced in a 15 to 60-minute session with gentle, soothing touch applied depending upon the physical and emotional needs of the client. Sessions are customized based on ability to receive the massage. They may be given with the client fully clothed in a chair, wheelchair, or bed.

Soft massaging techniques may be applied to various parts of the body, primarily back, shoulders, and limbs. Those who cannot tolerate much stimulation receive gentle, comforting, and holding touches. Gentle soothing massage may be given to the hands and feet to improve mobility and reduce age related stiffness. Others may receive range-of-motion movements to stimulate flexibility and ease.

Receiving regular caring touch is particularly important for seniors who live alone and may be touch-deprived. I am available to come to facilities such as nursing home and assisted living facilities.

Old people often suffer from a variety of such age-related diseases as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. As a result, they have poor blood circulation and limited physical activity. The use of geriatric massage helps in improving the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood, thereby improving these conditions naturally.

At the time of the first session, clients complete a confidential health in-take form and discuss their goal(s). Gentle comforting touch may be provided. If you have a specific health condition, you must receive permission from your physician to proceed with more specialized massage. This is merely a precaution to ensure your comfort and safety.

My mission is to provide those in their golden years with relaxation, rejuvenation and overall well-being through the healing power of massage, and thus enhancing the quality of life for all as we age. I believe that the many benefits of massage need to be made available to everyone, not just those who can get to a spa for the day.

Massages are available for caregivers, as well.

Benefits of Elder Massage (especially when received regularly)

Physical Benefits:

Emotional Benefits:

Spiritual Benefits:

Training: In addition to geriatric/elder massage training, I also have graduated as a Certified Nurses Aide from Front Range Community College, and have taken Hospicecare training as well.

Fees: I offer a special for people who schedule regular, simple elder massages, once a week or twice a month, for $35 each time. I will come to your house and provide 30 minutes of gentle comforting touch and gentle massage (without needing to set up a massage table). I feel regular touch provides the greatest benefit for personal well-being and health, and gives a senior something to look forward to on a regular basis.

Elder massage, such as full-length sessions on a massage table, is billed at $70 per hour.

I am happy to provide massage at your home, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes. If you are outside the Gunbarrel and North Boulder area, a travel fee may apply.

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