Grief Massage (Bereavement Massage)

Death or loss is a trying time. Those who are left behind, or left without something dear to one's heart or home, know that the world will never be the same again. Grief experiences range from simple to complicated, be shorter-term or go on for many years, and m ay include a wide range of emotions felt deeply in the physical body.

To help bring comfort, peace, and acceptance during a time of loss or grief, Jan offers specialized bereavement massages, administered with care and compassion. Compassionate touch, an empathetic ear, and a safe place to feel one's emotions or simply be silent can all play a powerful role in comforting a bereaved person, and healing the physical and emotional symptoms of grief.

Customized grief-healing massage sessions are generally 60- to 90- minutes long, and may include special aromatherapy fragrances that help comfort grief, heated packs and wraps, special soothing music, and energy balancing.

Many kinds of losses can stir grief:

Loss is universal, but the experience of grief is very personal and can differ widely among people.

Some emotional symptoms of grief :

Some physical symptoms of grief:

For someone who is grieving, or who feels stuck in an emotionally or physically uncomfortable place, just one massage can often have the effect of "pressing the reset button" for bringing about a sense of comfort and balance. Further, a series of several massages over time can be restorative, supportive, comforting, and strengthening.

What happens in a specialized bereavement massage? Bereavement massage creates a healing environment. There is time and space for being yourself, and compassionate presence. Some of the non-verbal ways of helping grief in a specialized bereavement massage include:

The grieving client and I, together, will make decisions to create the session(s) and approach most appropriate to address current wishes, feelings, and needs to bring about comfort and healing.

For one who has had an important loss, grief massage promotes and may help them find within themselves:

Bereavement massages are by appointment only. Fees and scheduling information are available on the About/Contact/FAQ page.

The pain endured cannot be relieved, the loss can never be replaced, the memories can never be cast away; but with some amount of compassion, thoughtfulness, gentle words or touch, the pain may be eased. Although we are separated from that which we have loved or cared about or needed, we can look to life itself for the strength, courage, and love that supports our lives. Let us remember what we have lost -- in our prayers, in our fond memories, and in our everyday actions -- so that remembrance brings joy, not tears.

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