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Jan DeCourtney, CMT, Holistic Practitioner, works together in partnership with each of her clients to create vibrant health and healing on all levels of life. Her formal training and interest in helping others, combined with her life experience and background, has led her to embrace a variety of healing techniques and methods that promote health of body, mind, and spirit.

Jan believes that self-help and self-care are among the highest forms of healing, and she strives to teach her clients to listen to their inner wisdom. She educates her clients in self-care and guides them to find helpful resources and their own path of effective health and wellness care.

She chose the name Life Spring Healing Arts to describe her healing work because her experience is that the source of health within each of us flows like a never-ending spring. That source guides us towards balance and health when we listen to it. It is Jan's great pleasure to assist people to listen to that inner voice and move towards greater health, clarity, balance, and well-being.




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Jan's Healing Journey

Below is Jan's description of her healing journey. This is an excerpt from her book, Recapture Your Health.

During my lifetime, I spent many years searching for solutions to my chronic health problems: constant fatigue, difficulty concentrating and doing things, horrendous insomnia, crying, anxiety, physical tension, palpitations, poor memory, and a variety of strange symptoms that came and went. A good term for it would be "misery." I later found out my symptoms could be labeled dysautonomia (improper regulation of the autonomic nervous system). Short on funds for visiting health care practitioners (since I am without health insurance), and finding that the visits I could afford were mostly unhelpful anyway, I grew determined to learn how to improve my health, especially through self-help methods. One thing was apparent to me: the problem was very deep and encompassing, and it would take working on all aspects of my being -- body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

For over 20 years, I explored healing philosophies and modalities, psychotherapeutic approaches, and spiritual paths. I learned everything I could, primarily from reading, taking classes and workshops, and seeking out and spending time with wise elders, teachers, therapists, health care practitioners, spiritual leaders, and others who were willing to share life wisdom with me. During that time, I also earned a college degree in Latin American Studies and lived in or was influenced by four different cultures (Hispanic, French, Chinese, and Native American) in addition to the US culture. I worked over 10 years for a small publisher of alternative health books. Next I took up formal training in Therapeutic Massage and Polarity Therapy, and after much study and learning, also registered as a psychotherapist in the state of Colorado. I became a health care practitioner using what I had learned through my broad life background and formal training so that I could help others.

However, despite personal improvements on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my life, my physical problems continued, so I kept searching for answers. For years I was unsuccessful. Several years ago, it was my great good fortune to happen upon Dr. Stoll's internet website and read about the 3LS Wellness Program. I first tried Skilled Relaxation and was astonished that it immediately helped me feel better. Then I added the other two legs of the 3LS Wellness Program -- the Whole Foods Diet and Right Exercise. By practicing all three legs of the Stool simultaneously, I experienced dramatic improvements, and several years later, I am getting better still. My symptoms have all but disappeared. I am also much more optimistic and relaxed than ever. These changes have been marvelous, and I am looking forward to still further improvement as I continue to follow Dr. Stoll's protocols over the years to come. Even my self-image and self-esteem have taken a dramatic turn for the better: I now think of myself as a healthy, happy person!

I was very impressed by Dr. Stoll as the first health care practitioner (and truly, the only one I have found so far) who could articulate both cause and resolution of chronic full-body muscle tension, which is something I see everyday in my massage clients. So after finding his website, I began a mission to learn as much as possible from him. In particular, I wanted to learn more about self-help, since self-help can be one of the most effective forms of healing. Thus I began studying the information on Dr. Stoll's website and participating in his Bulletin Board. Doing so taught me much about the health and wellness embodied in the 3LS Wellness Program, deepened my understanding as a holistic practitioner, and helped me grow and develop as a person. I now pass along this new healthcare improvement information to my clients, friends, and family, so they too can receive the benefits from learning the 3LS Wellness Program. It is a pleasure to see them restoring health and happiness to their lives!

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