Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

My office is located in Northeast Boulder, Colorado, near the intersection of Diagonal Highway and 47th Street. The street address and directions will be given when you schedule your appointment.

What are your rates?

For massage and bodywork, the fee is $70 per hour. Sessions are:

This charge includes free hot packs, ice packs, "aromatherapy touch," and heated lotion and mattress warmer. This covers Swedish-style (relaxation) massage, deep tissue work, bereavement massage, and energy therapy (Polarity). There may be an extra charge for certain types of aromatherapy (essential oils), and aromatherapy wraps or packs.

The fee for Health /Wellness Coaching or Counseling is on a sliding scale from $30 to $75 per hour according to income.

The fee for Elder Massage at my office or in the North Boulder/Gunbarrel area is $30 per half-hour.

The fee for CNA/Home Health Care is $20 or $25 per hour based upon ability to pay.

The fee for on-site chair massage is $1.25 per minute. Chair massage sessions usually range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. A 15-minute massage would cost $18.75, for example. There is no setup or takedown charge, and travel charges may be applied for farther than 15 miles. I have a minimum of $150 for an onsite visit.

How is payment accepted?

Payment is due at the time of service by cash or check. Credit cards may be accepted via Square for a slight additional charge to cover the extra fees.

Is insurance accepted for massage and bodywork sessions?

Insurance is accepted, but not all companies cover massage therapy, and some companies specify certain providers. Therefore, please contact your insurance company before sessions begin to verify that massage is covered under your policy and to clarify billing instructions. Then, call me with this information before your first session. If massage is covered by your policy, I can bill your insurance company directly for you. You are, however, responsible for the charges if your insurance company does not pay. Typically, insurance work begins with a prescription for massage from your physician or chiropractor. Make sure the prescription specifies the diagnosis, diagnosis codes, and number of sessions.

Wellness consultations, psychotherapy, Polarity Therapy, and on-site chair massage are not covered by insurance.

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to cancel an appointment?

24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for a missed session (except in extenuating circumstances such as illness or inclement weather).

Also, please arrive at the appointed time. If you are late, your session may be shorter due to scheduling necessities.

Do you make house calls?

It depends upon my schedule. If you are outside the Gunbarrel or North Boulder area, there may be an extra charge, based upon distance.

Testimonials from Clients

Jan accomplished in an hour what it takes my massage therapist at home an hour and a half to do! She is great!

-- D. L., Washington State

I ws referred to Jan in March 2004 by Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Florida (Aaron is widely known as a stretching guru), for some help with stretching and range of motion. My problem was frequent migraine headaches and some aging as I am 73 years old. Jan has not only helped with my stretching, she has counseled me with diet, meditation, and exercise. The basics of the "3LS Wellness Program" have been my goal througout the year and I have enjoyed a great deal of improvement in all areas of my health. Jan does much more than bodywork. She treats the cause of your discomfort. I have had lots of bodywork done over the past 30 years and have never had anyone as competent as Jan DeCourtney. -- Charles Smith, Arvada

Jan is a sensitive and caring person with strong yet gentle hands. She worked with me while I was recovering from ACL surgery (knee surgery). Her knowledge and skills brought my leg such relief! She helped lessen the pain and discomfort increasing my ability to continue with my life full force. Thanks Jan. -- C. G., Englewood

I originally went to Jan because of severe pain and nighttime numbness in both of my wrists. Because I am a scientist who uses the computer intensively at work, my carpal tunnel syndrome was seriously hampering my present (and future!) ability to perform my work. With a few sessions of neuromuscular therapy and massage, my wrists felt much better and the nighttime numbness and pain were gone. Now, ten months later, my wrists hardly ever bother me, although I have the same job. I only occasionally see Jan now for this therapy, and only as a "touch-up." I highly recommend Jan. -- S.V., Boulder

Jan, Thanks so much for all of your guidance, love and support. You have been an integral part of our lives on the road to wellness and happiness. We can't thank you enough. -- A.H. & M.B., Boulder

Jan, I feel wonderful. My headache [of 16 days duration] is gone. You have given me a wonderful present, thank you, thank you. You are a gifted person who has found her way and I am grateful our paths have crossed. -- M.S., Boulder

Jan is respectful and sensitive to my specific requests regarding the degree of pressure, etc. as well as intuitive about giving exactly what is needed in the session therapeutically. -- C.B., Boulder

Thank you so much for your nurturing, therapeutic massage. I found myself refreshed and relaxed - some things I need more of. -- S.N., Boulder

Thank you so much on behalf of all the corporate nurses that received massages. They were very pleased and really enjoyed the relaxation and treatment. -- T.R., Broomfield

Thank you for being available to give massages at our convention. We had such good comments from our members indicating their appreciation of your services. Thank you again! -- M.H., Boulder

The booklet Massage Your Baby was very easy to read and understand. It is a great book - Thank you so much! -- E.D., Boulder

The massage you gave me definitely helped alleviate much of the tension I've carried in recent weeks. Thanks again.-- W.A., Boulder

Everyone really enjoyed the massages! -- K.W., Boulder

Jan's massages are wonderful! I always look forward to my appointments with her - I leave her office feeling relaxed, loose and lighter. Thanks Jan! -- C.H., Superior

My continuing recovery from quadriplegia is testament to this miracle of life. I have found that healing requires a deep energetic shift inside oneself. Polarity facilitates that process and can provide relief of pain and congestion. Deep relaxation allows the body's natural healing power to take over without the usual resistance. Profound insights also come easily and naturally through this gentle, loving approach. -- P.H., Boulder

Thanks Jan. I'm still thinking about how awesome your massage was! The effects are still with me. -- M.B.S., Boulder

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