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Jan DeCourtney, CMT, CNA, Certified Life Coach, BA offers professional, caring, and compassionate assistance for your health and well-being.

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Achieving vibrant health in all areas of body, mind, emotions, and spirit is my passion, both for myself and helping others do the same. Under the guidance of holistic health educator Walt Stoll, MD, and with assistance of practitioners from several other disciplines, I overcame a long-term chronic illness to create a life of radiant health, abundance, clarity, love, and joy. Now it is my heartfelt pleasure to help others transform their lives to move towards more dynamic health and achieve their life dreams.

It is my pleasure to offer massage services in my office in NE Boulder, Colorado, and to provide home health care as a PCP (personal care provider) in Gunbarrel.

I also work as a health and wellness coach. I'm always looking for any opportunity to inspire and teach people to take charge of their own health. You see, even though health care practitioners and healers can help you, the healer that has more power than anyone else to dramatically improve your health is you! Your own choices and lifestyle are the biggest contributors to your overall health. Amazingly, much of what you can do to help yourself is free or low cost. Let me help you find your inner inspiration to do it!

My goal is to empower you to find a way to overcome any health challenge you face, or to maintain the good health you already have. Please explore my website and use the self-help information to start enhancing your own wellness. There's much more self-help information in the book I co-authored with Dr. Stoll, Recapture Your Health. My book is available through Sunrise Health Coach Publications. Besides the information on this website and in my book, I'm glad to assist you in person or by phone or Skype as a Health and Wellness Coach. My support may help you move beyond obstacles to reach your goals for a happy and healthy life.

Warm wishes,

Jan DeCourtney, CMT, CNA, BA

Life Spring Healing Arts
Massage Therapy, Home Health Care Services and CNA Services, Health and Wellness Coach
Boulder, Colorado

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