Massage Your Infant

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Nurture Your Baby With the Loving Touch of Infant Massage

You want your baby to grow up healthy and happy. Perhaps you want to spend more time interacting with your infant in a loving way or to help your baby relax. If your baby was born premature, you may also want to do something extra to help his/her growth. Infant massage is a wonderful activity appropriate for meeting all those intentions.

Infant Massage is easy to learn and share with your little one. Babies of any age, including newborns, can receive massage. Touch is so important for all ages, but especially for infants. Massage is a specialized form of touch that is enjoyable and healthy for both the giver and receiver. Infant massage encourages the little one's physical growth and psychological health, supports the bonding process between parent and baby, and is enjoyable, relaxing, and pleasurable.

Special Benefits of Infant Massage

How to massage your baby

The most important thing is to attune yourself to your baby's response. Let your baby give you cues as to how the massage is going and if he or she is enjoying it, and if not, end the massage early or try when the baby is a little older. Clear eyes, alert attention, relaxation, smiles, and coos are all signs of enjoyment.

Points to Remember

As infants grow older, parents often find that appropriate and safe touch continues as a form of communication and pleasure for both themselves and their growing children.

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