Presentations by Jan DeCourtney, CMT

Practicing wellness in daily life and recovering good health can be a fun and exciting adventure! Jan DeCourtney, CMT, is passionate about helping people learn effective, healthy habits to become happier and more alive and reverse chronic symptoms. Bring more wellness and energy to your workplace, group, or club by having Jan speak about easy, common-sense ways to enrich and enhance your lives.

Jan DeCourtney, Certified Massage Therapist, is co-author of the book Recapture Your Health with Walt Stoll, MD, and has a busy private practice in Boulder, Colorado. Jan brings a dynamic approach to each of her customized presentations, incorporating humor and addressing real life. Her personal background of recovering from a debilitating chronic illness combined with her professional experience lends an inspiring and sincere touch to her presentations. Your group will benefit by learning practical information that is immediately useful.

"Thanks again for speaking with us. The episode went wonderfully, and we are very excited for our members to hear it. You are a wealth of knowledge and truly passionate about people's health and it comes through in your speaking. We will certainly be in contact in the future to book another wonderful collaboration with you." -- Melissa McInerney & Andrew Schiestel, Penta Performance International

Jan would be delighted to come to your business or group and give an informative and engaging mini-seminar.

Talks include topics such as:

Other topics are available. Please inquire.

Schedule a health presentation for your group or employees with Jan by contacting her at info (at)

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